Quality Policy

Queijos Santiago, in its ongoing effort to achieve the best levels of quality and following satisfaction from its customers, implemented a System of Quality and Nutritional Safety Management, audited and certified according to the IFS Food referential.

Therefore, all our cheeses have a quality insurance and are produced accordingly with a high standard of hygiene, through traditional techniques, respecting Nutritional Safety and consequently the health of consumers.

Manufacturing Process

Milk is the main ingredient used in our products. It must be fresh, free of contamination and respect high quality standards to ensure the maximum freshness and excellence of the product. All milk used in the manufacture of our cheeses is submitted to early evaluations and then to technological processes which confirm the Nutritional Safety of the product.

In Queijos Santiago, all products are produced through handmade processes thus ensuring the traditional and real taste of our cheeses. Thousands of cheeses leave our factory and go to the table of all consumers on a daily basis.