Our mission

Queijos Santiago conducts its activity in a future-oriented way, ensuring its customers products with a high level of Quality and nutritional Safety.

With a continuous improvement, it bets on the formation of its workers and on the technological development to face the market changes and evolution, thus reaching a greater satisfaction of people, customers and partners expectations and needs.

Our vision

To create value to Queijos Santiago and to its partners through the dissemination and sale of its products in the market.

Our values


  • To value the commitment and effort of our collaborators
  • To promote the satisfaction and well-being of our collaborators since the beginning of the reception process
  • To encourage the knowledge of the production process and its function regarding the company structure
  • To continuously develop means and processes which allow tasks to be performed in a safer and more comfortable way


  • To bet on the quality and continuous improvement of all our processes and products
  • To have the ability of innovating and having corporate expertise
  • To support a sustained growth, capitalizing the available means in order to rise productivity


  • To nurture a constructive, cooperative and trusting relationship with all the partners
  • To keep the relationship with all partners in a serious and professionally ethical basis
  • To believe in close, direct and fair relationships with us and with our partners


  • To believe and to invest on our brands in order to create an added value to all those working with us
  • To be a competitive and recognized company in the context of the globalization of the cheese market

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